Identify Your Calling Before Starting A Business – Kofi Amoabeng To Youth


Retired businessman, Captain Prince Kofi Amoabeng has advised the youth to listen to their inner calling before starting up a business.

According to him, starting small is a natural way to start but due to the rise of peer pressure amongst the youth, many of them want to be seen and valued when they should believe in their calling and work at it.

He advised that “Don’t follow business trends because they say there’s money in it. When you follow business like that, it means you don’t have the passion.”

In an interview with Akosua Hanson on Y107.9FM’s YLeaderboard Series, he shared, “When you see something or a problem you want to solve for the betterment of the world, that is your calling. When you see results in resolving issues and you get passionate about it, you know you’re impacting the world. But if it’s just to do things you hear can give you money, then you haven’t impacted anyone or anything.”

The businessman is of the view it is appropriate for young people not to just get into a business venture because, “some people say it’s good and someone went into it and got money so I’m also going to do same. No, don’t do that but rather listen to your calling.”

He advised young entrepreneurs to find what in the world irritates them, is unfair to others and believe they can do resolve such problems.


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