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Wassa Amenfi West: MCE, Regional Minister petitioned over ‘annoying’ dumsor


Residents at Asankran Breman, Asankran Saa, Asankran Moseaso, Affiena, and Oda communities in the Wassa Amenfi West Municipality are lamenting over persistent power cuts.

Public resentment is growing and the situation has become worst during this hot harmattan weather where the people in the aforementioned communities have to sleep under a hot roof.

The residents keep pouring their frustrations on ECG, but their cries have yielded no positive results. They say they often get power cuts in the evenings without any form of notice from the power company which makes it difficult for them to spend time with their families in this Christmas season.

They claim their rooms become hot like ovens whenever the power goes off.

According to the residents, on a good day, the power can last up to 30minutes and goes off multiple times in a day.

They noted that few months ago, a mobile money vendor was attacked at Asankran Oda immediately after the lights went off.

Mr Adu, a small-scale business owner of a barbershop at Asankran Breman said his barbershop is his major source of income but the blackout has now forced him out of business.

Other businesses such as cold stores and provision shops are losing sales.

Madam Grace, a businesswoman at Asankran Breman said the continuous power cut has caused damage to her chest freezer which she bought a few months ago for her petty business. “The situation is disgusting and worrying”, she added.

Many other residents made similar complaints, saying the situation has also compounded the security situation of the area, as they are now more exposed to robbery attacks.

“Burglary has become a common thing in most towns almost every day as criminals take advantage of the darkness to rob people. It is dangerous to walk alone on some parts of the streets around 8 pm,” a resident told this reporter.

According to the residents, they are not being treated fairly. They say they cannot fathom why Asankrangwa has a stable power supply while they remain in darkness.

Residents say it is annoying to see ECG disturbing them every month for bills, yet sleep in darkness.

People in the various communities are using this medium to appeal to the MCE and the Regional Minister to address the problem before they run out of patients.

They are planning to embark on a massive protest if they fail to intervene as soon as possible.


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