Money Can’t Shut Me Up – Lydia Forson


Award-winning Ghanaian actress, Lydia Forson, will continue to be vocal on the ills of society because of her own strong values and anyone who believes she is paid to do so has a questionable character.

The Borga actress, who turned 38 on Monday, October 24, has sometimes been accused of being paid to talk on issues on social media. However, she says her upbringing is responsible for her outspoken nature.

“I think anybody who says I take money to speak my mind, it rather says more about them than it says about me because if I see an ill in society and someone speaks about it, my immediate response will not be to wonder how much the person got paid for that”, told Graphic Showbiz.

The Perfect Picture actress elaborated on her ability to criticize government as well as ills in the society.

“I didn’t wake up aspiring to be vocal because to say that means I do it for attention, I grew up in a very strong Christian home and values were very important so I expect that all of us, based on how we have been raised and the values to speak on what is wrong.

“To speak on things that we see that we believe need changing, if you see someone burning, you don’t need anybody to tell you to pick a bucket of water to help put out the fire so I think it is all about my upbringing. I think all of us were raised with the basic values in life—be good to people, be kind to people, help one another when you can, etc.’’, she stated.

Is she foreseeing a time when she will stop speaking her mind? “Unless my values change, point is I don’t like it when people say ‘speak your mind’, it sounds so negative to me. I don’t fight anybody I only speak on things that I think are wrong in society. We need to change the narrative and not make it seem like you need something special to speak to power”, she said.

Asked what she would like to see changed about Ghana, Lydia said, “I just want a Ghana where people can afford the basic amenities, people can live a good life. I don’t think it is too much to ask for food, water, or electricity. I want a Ghana full of equal opportunities.

“Of course, some people will be richer than others but on the basics, I want a Ghana where people get to enjoy the simple things in life and they are not a luxury”, she added.

Lydia Forson and a team are in Nigeria for the Africa Movie Academy Awards (AMAA) where Ghanaian movie, Borga, starring herself and Adjetey Annang, has received an unprecedented 15 nominations.

“AMAA is about 18 years old and no movie has ever had 15 nominations and this is a Ghanaian movie, it is a pity no one is talking about it”, she said.






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