Mahama’s 2021 Christmas Message to Ghanaians


Merry Christmas, my brothers and sisters.

All too soon, the year has almost come to a close, the climax of which is the Christmas celebrations.

Without doubt, the year 2021 was eventful, but through all the glorious highs and heartbreaking lows we encountered, we can resoundingly say, Ebenezer! We thank God for how far He has brought us.

All over the world, Christmas has been designated as the occasion when Christians commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ. It is a period typified by prayer and thanksgiving; by merrymaking and exchanging of well-wishes.

For us in Ghana, Christmas means so much more. It is a time for bonding and togetherness. It is a period when we endeavour to put a smile on the face of our friends and family. It is a period for hope, love and sharing among our neighbours, the deprived and the vulnerable.

Christmas is a time when we go beyond the limits of our religious denominations, ethnicity, and our political affiliations – demonstrating that we are one people. It is a time for all families and people of all walks of life to get together.

A waiting, doting grandfather or grandmother looks forward to meeting their grandchild who is on vacation from school; the young ones intently listen as grandpa or grandma reminisce on the past and regale them with stories of their youthful escapades.

It is that period when the young who have found love may take their chosen partners to meet their parents for the first time to seek their blessing. Christmas is a time to show that widow, or that widower that they are not alone.

As Christ our Saviour was given to us as a gift from the Almighty God, so must we endeavour to give that which is greater than ourselves to others. Like the birth of Christ signaling a new beginning, an awakening and a fresh start, Christmas is a period for forgiveness. We must let go of the anger and the pain in our hearts.

It is a time for some who may have stayed away from church in a while to reconnect and rediscover their spiritual essence. A period to extend Christmas cheer to those unfortunate to be in the hospitals, the asylums, and prisons; a time to remember and celebrate with those who will be working throughout the yuletide so that the rest of the country can commemorate the season in peace, safety and comfort.

As we reflect on this period of rebirth, let us all endeavour to do better, and be better in the coming year and beyond. Let’s look out for each other.

In this holiday season, as we traverse the country, with some travelling beyond the borders of Ghana, let us all endeavour to observe the Covid-19 protocols of social distancing, wearing of masks and sanitizing our hands regularly, especially after every public surface we may touch.

Even if you are vaccinated it is important to adhere to the safety protocols. Let’s also remember to be physically active by taking regular walks or jogs in our neighbourhoods during the Christmas season to keep in shape.

Remember to eat healthy and be particular about what you consume, bearing in mind your continued good health depends on it.

For those who will be traveling for church programmes, to family and loved ones, for vacation or recreation, please drive safely. For others who will be going to the beaches, especially with children, please keep extra caution.

It does not matter your age, political leanings, ethnic or religious denomination, your country needs you alive and well to participate in its building. This country is all we have, and you are all this country has and all it needs to succeed.

My wife Lordina and I wish you a most Memorable Christmas and a Prosperous New Year, in 2022.


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