Wa residents protest after suspected killing of security guard; 10 security guards killed since February


Some Wa residents have demonstrated after the suspected killing of a security guard.

Since February, at least 10 security guards have been killed in Wa in the Upper West Regional capital.

In this instance, there was no trace of the security guard’s body, but residents found traces of blood near Wa Technical University.

Residents subsequently gathered at the Wa Secondary Technical to protest.

They are concerned the situation has gotten out of hand and blamed the issue on the security situation in the region and a lack of streetlights.

One of the residents said, “we are living in fear, total fear. It is too much because these days, the streetlights on or streets are not working.”

“When you even want to sleep in your room, you can’t sleep. We are living in total fear,” he added.

Another complained that “we have all the security apparatus that you can boast off but yet our regional minister, MCEs and traditional authorities are doing nothing about the case.”

By Citi Newsroom


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